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 *Closed Long Weekends including Saturdays*



James Cochran

P: 1.403.793.8853

F: 1.403.793.8805

Roy Fischer

P: 1.403.793.8853

F: 1.403.793.8805

In addition to our main steel centre, Brooks Industrial Metals also operates a scrap metal recycling centre at 719 Railway Avenue. This over six acre recycling facility offers ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling for both the casual consumer and for larger business and corporate clients.

For the casual consumer, Brooks Industrial Metal Recycling Division offers the ability to dispose of metal scrap materials which are otherwise difficult to dispose of in county landfills. Brooks Industrial Metals Recycling offers a drive up weigh scale for ferrous and non ferrous materials, automobile battery recycling, and even recycling of the automobile the battery came from! Compensation for scrap material loads is based upon current market pricing.

In addition to private waste metal disposal, Brooks Industrial Metals Recycling Division also supplies scrap metal bins for larger scrap volume needs. Scrap bins are offered in several sizes and can be requested for single fill, single project, or for long term business needs. Brooks Industrial Metals Recycling Division offers a full service recycling program in which we will arrange for a scrap bin in the size requested, deliver the bin to your site or business, pick up the bin when it is full, and, if required, replace it with an empty container for ongoing recycling needs. Compensation for scrap materials received is based on current market value.

Once scrap metal materials are received and sorted by our recycling yard staff, useable scrap materials are also available for purchase by interested third parties. Scrap materials are available for purchase at prices up to half of the retail cost for new materials. Savvy consumers or businesses can significantly reduce material costs by contacting the Recycling Yard at Brooks Industrial Metals for purchase of these recycled materials.

Interested third party scrap metal purchasers looking for bulk scrap metal shipments are invited to contact our Recycling Division at the phone number above.

Brooks Industrial Metals Recycling Division currently offers these services to over 100 clients in the Brooks, Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. If you are interested in looking into such arrangements for your project or business needs, please contact our recycling yard at (403) 793-8853 for details.

Our  yard is in Brooks (Not Millicent as map indicates)