Metal Processing Services in Brooks

Our metal processing department utilizes the most modern CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment and technology. Ranging from services that include accurate cutting, bending, rolling, threading, de-burring, and engraving of all metals. Combine this technology with our profoundly experienced staff, and we can provide customers with fabricated metal products that are both precise and cost-effective.



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Our skilled staff will work closely with our clients to understand their unique ideas and challenges and provide custom solutions that fit the requirements of your project. Using CAD software (Computer Aided Design) and nesting programs allows us to fulfil custom projects that minimize scrap and maximize value.

Have an idea but need help figuring out where to start? No problem; we can take your hand-drawn sketch or sample and modify it to create a custom drawing before we start processing.

Fabrication Services Machine


Our team uses a pressurized waterjet cutting system that works on various materials, covering metals and composites to glass and plastics.

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Plasma Processing Machine


Our most cost-effective and versatile CNC cutting machines, the Hypertherm brand plasma tables, offer accurate cutting from thin gauge metals up to 3” thick plates.

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Cutting Steel With Machine


The laser machine enables increased production times with greater precision and accuracy, with minimal operator intervention, reducing human error.

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Fabrication Machine


We provide press braking and sheet metal bending services for different metals, offering complex bends to meet your exact requirements.

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Shear Work Machine


Our metal shearing equipment helps us tackle metal shearing or cutting jobs of various sizes, producing thousands of pieces per hour.

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Fabrication Services


We can bend the metal sheets into cylindrical, curved, or spherical shapes, following the parameters suited for your projects.

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Rolling The Steel


The saws in our facility in Brooks feature scissor style, swing head design and provide exceptional mitre cutting capability for light to medium applications.

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Whether it’s an industrial or a custom home project, let Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd turn your vision into reality. We specialize in custom metal signs, plaques, metal art, fire pits, keychains and more for our clients.

View our project gallery to see images of projects we’ve worked on. We can do something similar for you, or if you want something completely original, let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

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SINCE 1966

Being in service for over 56 years has allowed us to become relied-upon experts in the metal processing industry. For excellent reasons, we have been a trusted source in our community for three generations.

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Our goal is to provide exceptional service and workmanship to all our customers located in south-eastern Alberta and areas in a precise and timely manner with fair, competitive pricing. Let the Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd staff turn your vision into reality, whether an industrial or a custom home project.

We thrive on providing better service and faster turnaround time while providing extra care and building customer relationships. We go above and beyond expectations and will deliver every time.

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