Metal Press Braking Services

With three different press brakes in use, our experienced operators are committed to delivering precision bending services for our clients. We provide press braking and sheet metal bending services for different metals, offering complex bends to meet your exact requirements. Our knowledgeable team takes various factors into consideration before starting the bending process that covers the metal type, the punch, the die, and the bending force to ensure accuracy the first time.




Braking, or bending, is a metal processing technique that uses a press brake machine to shape and cut metal sheets. This metal processing technique is widely used in automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries for applications that require precise shaping and cutting of metal sheets, ensuring the production of high-quality components and structures.

It offers the advantages of efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in shaping and cutting metal sheets to meet specific design requirements.


  • 225 Ton Brake: Bends 10 gauge mild steel up to 12 feet long
  • 250 Ton Brake: Bends ½” mild steel up to 4 feet long
    • Bends 3/8” mild steel up to 6 feet long
    • Bends ¼” mild steel up to 12 feet long
  • 400 Ton Brake: Bends ½” mild steel up to 10 feet long (400-ton brake shown above)
    • Bends 3/8” mild steel up to 12 feet long
    • Bends ¼” mild steel up to 16 feet long



Braking works by clamping a metal sheet between a punch and die on a press brake machine. The machine applies high force to the metal sheet, causing it to bend or deform along the desired shape. By adjusting the position and angle of the punch and die, precise cuts and bends are achieved, creating various components and structures with efficiency and accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can metal press braking handle complex bends for different metals?

Press Braking can handle a variety of metals, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, accommodating different project needs.